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Fanart Promotion

Fanart, we are displaying peoples fanart for a small price of $1.99. This will include 3 days of promotion


Everyone can enter for our giveaways and our contest, which the winner will be picked out and sent their prize!


If you want to give suggestions for video coverage you will be able to email us and tell us your thoughts, we will personally go through everything!


This is the 1920 crew!


Youtube owner

I created 1920blaq, I make the videos and some of the drawings and in charge of this site. I am an artist, filmmaker, story-teller, book reader, and I love to have fun!


Co Owner

Andrea is my wife, and is in charge of finding talents, keeping things up to date and coming up with new ways to make you all happy!

Saturday Losers


We are sponsored by Saturday Losers, a gaming brand that is new and drawing lots of attention, we chose them because of their dedication and help!


Why 1920blaq?

There was time when Africans Americans strives for greatness and we had well over 600 business, a bank, mega churches and started to separate ourselves from the oppressed, after sustaining greatness while closing the gap taken away from us, 3500 kkk members and politicians and ect game to telsa, Oklahoma and killed everyone African american they saw and rioted destroying their business. The reason I chose this name is to represent that same effort they had and giving back to the people who have nothing, and give people an opportunity to get exposed for their good works. 1920blaq is dedicated to the craft and will never forget where we come from.


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